We Are Titan AV+

We make quality rigging, cases, comms, and everything else you need to perform! Our solutions help Event Producers, AV Installers, and DIYers to set up and bump out with no costly hiccups.

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Rick, Bill, Kerri and Debbie. Team Titan AV

Our Philosophy

As a family-owned company, we get that good business is more than transactions. It's about trust, loyalty, integrity, a great level of service and pride in our products. These philosophies are what we live and breathe every day.

Our Mission

  1. Make useful things.
  2. Act locally.
  3. Treat our customers as peers.
  4. Minimise our impact on the environment.
  5. Educate and innovate.
  6. People over profits.
2021 Titan AV Christmas Party at Maniax Brisbane


We’re focused on bettering our people and products. Whether that’s through our recycling, manufacturing, or safety initiatives, our collective goal is to grow responsibly. Which is why we put our products through some of the most rigorous tests imaginable. We break it so you don’t!

When holding heavy equipment overhead, trusting your truss is an absolute must. That’s why Titan AV+ truss is tested in Australia by structural engineers. This certified testing ensures the safety of your crew, your clients, and their audiences.

Titan AV product designer works on designs for a 1RU 19" cantilever rack shelf


We design products to solve problems, look good, save time and live tough. We examine every material and detail, so anytime you set up with Titan AV+ you can rest assured it won’t let you down. Set ups without the hiccups! 


In 2020, like many businesses, we needed to adapt and innovate our offerings. But more than that, we wanted to not only think local but act local. So we invested in a CNC machine that allowed us to bring some manufacturing in-house. With CNC technology we can cut various materials like foam, aluminium and plywood. Now our team designs and manufactures a growing range of Australian made products.

CNC machine manufacturing Titan AV EPE foam inserts for 2RU Rack Drawers


Let’s rewind to 2001 when Bill Eckert first launched the business, originally known as VFM Audio, in Brisbane with our proprietary brand Titan Audio. Beginning in car audio equipment, our product range didn’t take long to grow. In 2012, we changed our brand name to Titan AV to better reflect our expanding range, which now includes cables, road cases, truss, TV brackets, server racks and foam.

Bill took a step back in 2012 and Rick and Kerri (son & daughter) took over the day to day running of the business. Rick focused on product development and Kerri worked on the business operations. Again in 2019 we had a rebrand, our parent company changed its name to VFM Group further reaching beyond our roots in audio visual gear. All along we focused on getting our products right for the Australian market to meet customers demand. Over the years we have invested in our people and today we boast a team of knowledgeable, professional and driven people.



Founder + Warehouse Manager

Bill first launched the business in 2001. With a background as both a flight and electrical engineer, he has a broad understanding of electronics. In addition to being our Warehouse Manager, Bill has a keen interest in R&D and assists Rick to grow our local manufacturing. Off the clock Bill is a stock market tragic, lego connoisseur and off-road caravaner.

Managing Director

Since overseeing the business, the Titan AV+ range has more than quadrupled in size. With a background in electrical engineering and design Rick looks after our Titan AV+ product design and development. There isn’t a question he can’t answer, albeit while unconsciously stroking his beard! On the weekends Rick scales mountains and traverses 4x4 trails in his beloved 79 series Landcruiser.

Director and HOO

Kerri joined the fold in 2011. With a background in architecture and business, Kerri steers our day-to-day operations and VFM's vision for the future. When she's not streamlining the business she's growing her knowledge by devouring articles, eBooks and online courses on the daily. If you want to chat NFTs, the stock market or cars go see Kerri.

Finance Manager

Debbie from accounts... well she does the accounts. She is as meticulous with crunching numbers as she is organising just about anything. If you see a healthy plant outside VFM HQ, it’s alive because of Debbie. If any of us look like we’ve put on a couple KGs, that’s also because of Debbie and her delicious homemade treats!

Sales Manager

Brad started with VFM in 2018 creating video content and is now our Sales Manager. Additionally, he works behind the scenes on blogs, socials, and website management. Not one to sit still, he’s also a full time musician and audio engineer. Brad is our resident creator of bad puns and inexplicably has the memory of a goldfish once the camera starts recording him.

Content Marketer

Part of our massive marketing team of one, Shannon oversees all of our content (the words, photos, designs, videos) and pretends to be ‘Brad from VFM’ on the promo emails. “Did anyone actually think Brad did those?!” Embracing long weekends with a part-time work lifestyle, you’ll find Shannon cruising around in her VW campervan finding trails to eMTB.

Sales & Warehousing

Josh joined VFM just before the pandemic hit in early 2020. It was tempting to offload him back then ;) but he proved his worth in both sales and warehousing. He’ll sell you a product + ship it off for you, what a guy! With a background in sound and lighting production you’ll either find him out doing shows on the weekend or off-roading in his Hilux... and incessantly talking about his Hilux!


The muscles behind the scenes, Nick lifts and manoeuvres Titan AV+ gear around our warehouse. No matter how busy it gets, nothing seems to phase him... not even Josh’s endless Hilux chatter. Nick's sporting a brand new car after the floods claimed his old one. During lunch breaks he loves talking to Kerri about crypto currency and the last Christmas party taught us he's a mean axe thrower.


Our latest recruit, Rory’s the sexy (it’s all relative) voice answering your calls. Smashing emails and quotes all day we don’t know how he manages to put up with Brad’s endless puns. He has a talent for pop culture quips and loves to chill out playing video games. As a part-time musician, you’ll find Rory gigging around Brisbane on the weekends.

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