Lighting Truss Case Study: Xtreme Ninja Truss Design

by Shannon on November 12, 2020

In 2018 VFM Group and Urban Xtreme teamed up to create a custom designed truss system for a ninja warrior style obstacle course.

As Australia's largest indoor adventure sports park Urban Xtreme were looking for a truss system to construct their Xtreme Ninja warrior course. 

Xtreme Ninja

Ninja course truss design

VFM Group took on the challenge to create and supply the ninja course truss frame. We built the design around our Titan AV 290 box truss system that would enable endless options for mounting features / obstacles. 

290 Truss System for Ninja Warrior Course

By choosing truss, Urban Xtreme gained the flexibility to change how and what they mounted to create an ever evolving obstacle course for their customers.

Rick Eckert (Managing Director, VFM Group):

How it all came about was one of the ninja warriors Lachie came in and said 'I'm trying to get this ninja warrior thing going in Australia, it's going to be massive!' It was huge in America and we hadn't done anything in Australia with it.

He said they're using truss in America to frame it so we started thinking & shortly after teamed up with Lindsay from Urban Xtreme. They said this is what we want and we said alright this is how it goes together & this is what you need, drew it all up & then yeh that was it.

Ninja Warrior course truss system design

Because truss is easily assembled - without any permanent fixtures - it's a very popular investment for businesses renting facilities. Should your business need to move locations the truss system can be packed down to fit into a truck or van.

Urban Xtreme needed something that was strong, safe, certified, versatile & was easily broken down and put back up. Not necessarily the truss frame but more importantly for them the ability to move features around easily enough with just a load rated clamp.

Titan AV 50mm Truss Lighting Clamp Eye Ring WLL 340 Kg

With a truss system you can add, shift or remove pieces as required enabling your business to adapt over time.

At the end of the day the biggest thing is that truss, and that particular 290 box truss just gives you heaps of options to work with - there are endless mounting points which is great for an evolving structure like their ninja course.

The end result

Rick (VFMs Managing Director) was nominated by the team to take you on a tour through the Xtreme Ninja course... “How hard can it be right?” 


Looking to invest in a large-scale truss structure? We can assist you in designing & supplying the perfect truss structure for your needs. Contact our team for a quote.


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