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Author: Mooke   Date Posted:4 September 2019 

Our number 1 priority is safety, that's why Titan AV truss is the only Australian independently certified truss on the market!


Australian independent safety test of Titan AV 290 5 chord truss


4 point load independent safety test of Titan AV 400 5 Chord TrussUniformly distributed load test of the Titan AV 400 5 Chord Truss

Titan AV Truss undergoes independent laboratory testing to certify it meets (and often exceeds) Australian engineering safety standards. 

Designed in Australia and constructed by expert welders using the strongest materials - Titan AV truss is built to last! But not all truss is created equal... 

When you're shopping for truss it's important to check the:

  • quality of construction (integrity of the welding), 
  • design (for limitations of use), and
  • materials (or grades of aluminium) used.

Truss made with lower grade aluminium's (like the 6061-T6) are weaker in structure and unable to safely hold heavier loads - buyer beware!  

Titan AV Truss is made from the highest grade 6082-T6 aluminium alloy - ideal for use in high stress applications, cranes, bridges and truss - making it the safest truss on the market! For added piece of mind Titan AV Truss comes with 2 years manufacturer's warranty.

Take a look behind the scenes with Australian independent inspection and testing company Alfa Test as they put the Titan AV 400 5 Chord Truss to the test:



Titan AV truss safety reports

Titan AV truss safety reports represent the results of independent laboratory testing that certify Titan AV truss meets Australian engineering safety standards.

Note: Load table information is supplied as a guide only. Please consult your structural engineer for advice related to your application.

Titan AV Truss Safety Report




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