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Manufactured in Australia

Launched in 2001, the VFM group have almost 20 years’ experience servicing the event production, AV installation and IT communications industry. We are also one of the leading suppliers of AV equipment in Australia. Our certified range of Titan AV products includes road cases, truss, server racks, TV brackets, and cables, and they are all designed by us right here in Australia.

But our brand encompasses more than just our products. As a family-owned company, we understand good business relationships are based on more than just transactions. They are about building trust and fostering loyalty, integrity, a great level of service and pride in our products. These philosophies are what we live and breathe every day.

Whether you’re after a roadcase that will protect your precious AV equipment, a truss for your next event, a server rack for your home media hub, or a TV bracket for your caravan, our team and our products are in it (with you) for the long haul!

Our history speaks volumes

Originally known as VFM Audio, Bill Eckert first launched the business in Brisbane in 2001. With a background as a flight engineer and electrical engineer, he has a broad understanding of electronics. Our product offering was initially based on car audio equipment, but over the next eight years included road cases, truss, pro cables and AV equipment.

In 2012, we changed our brand name to Titan AV to better reflect our expanding range, which now includes TV brackets, open racks, server equipment and acoustic foam. Bill took a step back in 2012 and Rick and Kerri (son & daughter) started to take over the day to day running of the business. Rick focused on product development and Kerri worked on the operational side of the business. Over the next few years we focused on getting our products right for the Australian market to meet customers demand. Over the years we have invested in our people and today we boast a team of knowledgeable, professional and driven people.

Manufactured in Australia

Products that perform


Many years ago we discovered that standard US and European road cases don’t stack efficiently into Australian touring vehicles – so we set about designing our own! Our customised Titan AV road cases fit neatly into standard Australian 2.4 metre wide flatbed trucks to maximise storage capacity.

But wait, there’s more! Tried and tested out on the road and designed in Australia in consultation with experts, our range also includes mixer cases, packer cases, utility cases, instrument cases, , workstations, 19” rack cases, shock proof cases and waterproof cases.

They are ideal for transporting sensitive equipment like mixers, microphones, cables, photography and videography gear, musical instruments, computers and even defence and military equipment. And they are all covered by our 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Strong, versatile and durable, Titan AV truss is endorsed by some of the biggest event organisers in the country. With endless application possibilities, truss can be used to create structures to hang signs, lights, speakers, LED screens or curtains. And with its quick and easy set-up-and-pack-down, it’s a great investment for businesses renting spaces or events requiring quick turnarounds.

When we first entered the truss business, we researched the market and our competitors and decided the ‘space frame’ look was the way to go. However, over the years we’ve managed further design and develop our truss range to now include three variants in a large range of sizes to suit the customers applications. We also work with companies to design fitouts to suit their application (check out our collaboration with XGolf and Urban Xtreme including their Ninja Warrior course).

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Server Racks

Titan AV rack cabinets are used by hundreds of carpenters, electricians, tech enthusiasts and AV and IT installers across Australia. Built around the universal 19” rack-mount standards, they pair perfectly with our extensive range of 19” rack mount equipment. From floor standing and wall mount server cabinets to cable management systems and rack mount accessories, they’re your go-to solution for all your fit-out needs.

Ranging in size from 18RU (RU stands for ‘rack units’) all the way up to 42RU, our floor-standing server cabinets are the ideal setup for server rooms, free-standing in an office, or as a media control hub in the home. Our wall mount server cabinets are a compact version that range from 4RU to 18RU, and come with quick-access removable side panels.

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There are literally hundreds of cables out there able to a thousand things. And choosing the wrong one can downright ruin any audio experience — from dealing with poor sound quality, one ear only hearing white noise on your headphones, or weird buzzing noises emanating throughout your sound system. Yep, not ideal.

Titan AV cables are built to withstand a range of scenarios from permanent installations to life out on the road. Made from oxygen-free copper, they ensure a clean, reliable signal is passed through. They are also designed with helical shielded cable, high-end custom connectors, and a tough PVC outer jacket to ensure superior reliability and performance. Plus, we stock a wide range of connectors — from speaker and instrument cables to XLR, DMX, TS and TRS versions.

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TV Brackets

Titan AV TV brackets include full motion, ceiling and fixed wall mounted brackets and those suitable for caravans. They are easy to install, feature a solid contruction, and come with a 100% safety guarantee and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

But size definitely does matter when it comes to a TV bracket, so it’s important to choose one that supports the weight of your TV (maximum weight loads are listed in our product descriptions). You’ll also need to know the unique VESA mount measurement from the vertical and horizontal distance between mounting holes — this can be found on the back of your TV. You then simply choose the style of mount (ceiling or wall), and decide if you’d like your TV to tilt or swivel. Then you’re good to go!

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If you need to shockproof your gear, protect your new wooden floors with underlay, or maximise the acoustics in your home studio, Titan AV offers a variety of highly versatile foam products. Durable, non-toxic and non-abrasive, it’s also dust-free, immune to mould and impact resistance — it’s the whole package.

The birth of our new ‘foam baby’

Earlier this year, we were on the road with a touring trade show having a marvellous time spruiking our wares to professionals in the event industry. Then … BOOM! The PM announced the immediate shudown of large public gatherings due to COVID-19, which has been devastating for the industry and its suppliers. However, like many businesses, we realised we needed to adapt and innovate in order to play our part in helping the industry recover.

So we went back to the drawing board and starting thinking INSIDE the box. We invested in new technology — a CNC machine — that sounds like a jet engine, looks like a big air hockey table and functions as a Computer Numerical Controlled router. It allowed us to bring some of our manufacturing in-house by cutting various materials like foam, aluminium and plywood. The result? Our new line of premium foam inserts cut to precision for a super-satisfying perfect fit.

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Same same but different

Although many of the AV products out there in the market are based on standardised industry designs, we do things a little differently. We appreciate the value of tried and tested products, and there is no point reinventing the wheel. However, we don’t follow any of our competitor’s ‘styles’. We put our own spin on an extensive product range, aim for the best quality and affordability as possible, and make sure they meet the highest industry standards.

The result? Tailored solutions that we don’t just buy ‘off the shelf’ from international manufacturers and stick our logo on it. Our early focus on OEM road cases, for example, was due to the packing requirements of Australian trucks. European and American trucks are wider than ours, and when we first started importing them, realised they didn’t pack well. So we set about designing and creating our own. We were the first to include a HEXA pattern on plywood, the first to cut flat corners, and also the first Australian AV company to sell Australian certified trusses.

You’re not just a customer

From those working in event production, fit-out, communications, IT installation and integration, our customers span the length and breadth of the AV sector. But we also service lots of individual customers from a residential perspective. These are DIY hobbyists who are keen to build their own home theatre rig, or are after a home automation solution that won’t cost the earth.

A lot of our customers are acquired by word of mouth as well. We get lots of people who will call us up and say, “My colleague has been raving about your Titan AV road case – can I order one please?” These events truly make our day, and inspire us to constantly improve our products and services to satisfy our most important allies – you!

Certifications plus!

Designed in consultation with industry professionals, Titan AV products have been tried and tested in small businesses, large government offices, and out on the road by Australian touring productions to ensure performance when you need it most. We engage an ISO Certification and Accreditation Provider to certify our truss locally in Australia. The VFM and Titan AV brands are also trademarked with IPA Australia.

“I love VFM Group so much. I have been buying products from their store for a few years now, and never had one single issue with them or their products. Every time I ask a question for them they are always prompt with having a answer.

The Titan AV products are very high quality and I have owned some products from the Titan AV brand for two to four years and they still haven’t let me down. Keep up the great work!”

Timothy Stubs

JT’s AV Hire and ICT Services

“I’ve been buying PA equipment and amplifiers from these guys for more than 10 years and not only are their prices awesome, the quality of the products they sell are top notch. I’ve never had a failure of any kind whether it be a speaker, an amp or a lead and even if I did, I know they stand behind the products they sell. 10 out 10 VFM!”

Greg Drower

Pro Music Australia

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