Room acoustics play a huge roll in comfort. Without room acoustics noise levels climb too high, booming echo's reflect off floors, walls and ceilings making it hard to hear what the speaker or persons talking to you are saying. Acoustic panels are designed to minimise unwanted noise and sound reflections, this is extremely important in social settings like in restaurants and professional situations such as recording studio's.


This acoustic sound treatment Bass Trap panel is high quality and professional. Acoustic Bass Traps are an effective tool for reducing the resonance bump in a room's frequency response, also known as a room node. The TAV Bass Traps are extremely effective at reducing low end frequency nodes, smoothing out low end frequency response, reducing sonic reflection and taming low end rumble. TAV Bass Traps are triangular-shaped that will fit into room corners and or wall/ceiling junctures perfectly. 




12 months manufacturer's warranty
1 x Titan AV Acoustic Foam Bass Trap Panel
Reduces room nodes
Smooths out low frequency response
Reducing sonic reflection
Tames low end rumble
Decreases slap-back and room ring
Bass Trap size: 500 x 500 x 230mm (LxWxH)
Blades: 10 x 200mm
Density 35 kg/m3
High density
Fire retardant (SGS test certification)
Colour: black
Weight: 0.9 kg (each Bass Trap)


Barcode # 1002909
Brand Titan AV
Shipping Weight 0.9000kg
Shipping Width 0.500m
Shipping Height 0.300m
Shipping Length 0.500m