Speakon's are the industry standard for loudspeaker connections, they are extremely reliable and robust making them suitable for all passive speaker and amplifier connections in the pro audio industry. Speakon connector offer's greater reliability, ease of assembly, improved contact integrity and improved locking system over the traditional 1/4" jack and XLR cannons. This is a high quality 2-pole & 4-pole speakon adapter that allow the user to join two speakon cables together, generally used to extend a speakon cable by combining two with the in-line adapter. 
Titan AV Audio connectors and adapters are ergonomic, high quality, reliable and backed up with a limited lifetime warranty.




Limited lifetime warranty
1 x Speakon 2-pole or 4-pole adapter(Inline back to back female speakon socket)
High quality connector
Perfect for use with cables, joining two speakon cables to make one long length
ABS Plastic sockets with metal insert in locking area
Material: Metal body
Dimensions: 80 x 25mm(LxW)
Colour: Black


Brand Titan AV
Shipping Weight 0.0700kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.030m
Shipping Length 0.200m