Titan AV 300x85 Aluminium Base Plate - 290 Truss
Titan AV 300x85 Aluminium Base Plate - 290 Truss
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Titan AV 300x85 Aluminium Base Plate - 290 Truss

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    Titan AV base/top plates are hands down the best plates available for lighting truss in the Australian Stage Production Industry!
    BTW These are True Blue bases plates, that's right....Australia Designed and Manufactured. All this cool stuff is done right here at VFM Group HQ in Brisbane. 
    These ally plates are back savers, only weighing in at 1 kg making setup and pack up a breeze. CNC cut from 8mm 5005-H34 aluminium plate covered in a hardwearing matt black powder coat with the option for mounting a moving head or other stage props or simply securing the plate to wall, floor or ceiling with the 14mm pre drilled centre hole. 
    The latest range of TAV bases plates will work with both 290mm Tri truss and Box truss, the plates will also suit most other brands of 290mm truss systems. Supplied with 2 x Spigots, Pins and Clips, perfectly suited for use with truss systems, arch ways, stage production, TV stands, lighting towers, LED screen frames and custom shop fit outs.
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Suits 290mm Flat Truss
    • Will work with: Titan AV Flat Truss, other 290 Flat Truss brands
    • Multiple mounting points: NIL
    • Auto Cad design, CNC cut, TLC and Powder Coated
    • Supplied fitted with half spigots, pins and clips
    • Perfect for: stage, DJ, Band, Lighting applications, Pubs, Clubs, Churches, Schools, Shop displays and exhibitions
    • Dimensions: 300 x 85 x 8mm
    • Weight: 1kg
    • Colour: Matte Black
    • Material: Aluminium plate 5005-H34 Grade: 8mm thick
    • 1 x TAV 300 x 85 x 8mm Aluminium Base/Top Plate