Titan AV 2RU 19
Titan AV 2RU 19
Titan AV 2RU 19
Titan AV 2RU 19

Titan AV 2RU 19" Cantilever Rack Shelf, 400mm Deep

    This rack mountable 19" vented shelf is perfect for use with most 19" racks, server cases and road cases. Ideal for general storage, keyboards, mixers and tools. This shelf is a vented 19" 2RU that is compatible with our complete range of 19" road cases, 19" server cases, communications equipment and network gear.

    Suitable for use in the following rack cabinets; Wall mount 600mm deep, Floor standing 600 & 800mm deep & all open racks.

    Check out our Server Rack/Data Cabinet range: Floor Standing Server Racks & Wall Mount Server Cabinets


    12 months manufacturer's warranty
    1 x 19" 2RU Vented Shelf
    Mounting hardware(screws/nuts) included
    19" rack mountable
    Dimensions: (2RU)88mm x (16")400mm x (19")483mm (HxDxW)
    Dimensions(usable shelf space): 88mm x 400mm x 435mm (HxDxW)
    Steel thickness: 1.2mm
    Rear rack mount points
    Sturdy strong shelf
    Powder coated
    Material: Steel
    Colour: Black
    Weight: 1.9Kg

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