Titan AV 2RU 19
Titan AV 2RU 19
Titan AV 2RU 19
Titan AV 2RU 19

Titan AV 2RU 19" Cantilever Rack Shelf, 400mm Deep

$26.10 $29.00
    This rack mountable 19" vented shelf is perfect for use with most 19" racks, server cases and road cases. Ideal for general storage, keyboards, mixers and tools. This shelf is a vented 19" 2RU that is compatible with our complete range of 19" road cases, 19" server cases, communications equipment and network gear.

    Suitable for use in the following rack cabinets; Wall mount 600mm deep, Floor standing 600 & 800mm deep & all open racks.

    Check out our Server Rack/Data Cabinet range: Floor Standing Server Racks & Wall Mount Server Cabinets


    12 months manufacturer's warranty
    1 x 19" 2RU Vented Shelf
    Mounting hardware(screws/nuts) included
    19" rack mountable
    Dimensions: (2RU)88mm x (16")400mm x (19")483mm (HxDxW)
    Dimensions(usable shelf space): 88mm x 400mm x 435mm (HxDxW)
    Steel thickness: 1.2mm
    Rear rack mount points
    Sturdy strong shelf
    Powder coated
    Material: Steel
    Colour: Black
    Weight: 1.9Kg

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