Titan AV 1m Heat Shrink Tube 2.0mm Yellow
  • SKU: CM-HS-2YE

Titan AV 1m Heat Shrink Tube 2.0mm Yellow

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    TAV cable management solutions are rock solid. Heat shrink tube is great for insulating bare wires and connection points, protecting cables from abrasion or environmental wear and restoring insulation on damaged cables. Easy to use, simply slide the heat shrink tube over the area on the cable/cables that requires insulation, Apply heat to the heat shrink tube with a heat gun to shrink the tube around the cable/cables. The shrinking ratio is 2:1, and has an operating temperature between -55C and +125C. Professional or DIY computer, AV, home media and networking installations.




    12 Month manufacturer's warranty
    1 x 1m Heat shrink tube 2mm
    Cable management, protection of cables & clean up
    Colour: Yellow
    Material: Polyethylene
    Suitable for all cable bundling solutions
    Wraps around cables
    Operating temperature: -55 to +125C
    Shrinkage ratio: 2:1
    Perfect for use with Tv's, Hi-Fi's, stereo systems, home theatre and computer networks, DIY and commercial installations that require cable management solutions
    Certification: UL., RoHS, CE, TUV