Stylus 511 Fluro-Neon Gaffer Pink 24mm X 45m
Stylus 511 Fluro-Neon Gaffer Pink 24mm X 45m
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Stylus 511 Fluro-Neon Gaffer Pink 24mm X 45m

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    Whether you are ‘Check 1-2-3’ or ‘3-2-1 Action’ Stylus 511 Fluorescent Tapes are a popular choice for professionals in the theatre, film/video and stage production industry. This neon coloured non-reflective Gaffer tape has excellent conformability and removes cleanly from most surfaces, perfect for colour coding, tagging, marking stages and sets out. Tape off the roll tears straight, hangs straight and is curl resistant, the matt finish enables the surface of the tape to be written on with pencils, pens and markers. Available Fluorescent Colours: Green, Orange, Pink and Yellow.


    • 1 x Stylus 511 Fluorescent/neon Gaffer Tape 
    • Colour: Pink
    • Measures: 24mm x 45m                                                                                  
    • Industry standard tape for use on stages and sets
    • Made from heavy duty cloth, waterproof, non-reflective matte and non-permanent adhesive
    • Leaves minimal residue behind once removed
    • Tears off the roll straight, curl resistant
    • Great for marking/tagging road cases and reducing trip hazards on stage