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  • SKU: FXM-MCS-15

Multicore Snake Cable


    No DI boxes needed!!!! This multi function snake cable has your standard 6 send and 2 return, it also has two DI channels with links. Plug two instruments into the stage box use the links back to your bass/guitar rig and or powered foldback monitor and the rest is sorted at the mixer!

    Titan AV is an Australian owned professional audio brand that is based in Brisbane, Queensland. All our Titan AV products are designed in Australia and adhere to a high quality standard. Titan AV offer a limited lifetime warranty on all professional cables and accessories.


    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • 1 x 6 way multi core stage box
    • 6 balanced XLR sends, 2 balanced XLR returns & 2 DI inputs with links
    • Each DI channel has true isolated transformer impedance converting and separated grounds
    • High quality connectors and cable
    • Tagged ends for easy identification
    • Perfect for use in stage, studio's, churches, schools and theatres
    • Multi-strand oxygen-free copper conductor
    • PE insulation which provides a low capacitance dielectric
    • Conductive PVC helps to reinforce shield
    • Helical shield resists electromagnetic interference and free from micro phonics
    • Durable flexible matte black outer PVC jacket keeps the cable abrasion-resistant
    • 99% Screening
    • Length 15m (Total length including canons)