M12 Eye Bolt DIN580 WLL 340kg
M12 Eye Bolt DIN580 WLL 340kg
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M12 Eye Bolt DIN580 WLL 340kg

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    This  is perfect for linking slings, chains, wire rope and other rigging equipment. Made from c15 carbon steel with a zinc plated finish, Every eye bolt conforms to DIN580 marked with a working load limit, nominal size, quality grade, batch numbered and supplier identification.  

    Certifications and compliance, safety is number 1 in our industry and with that said all shackles, eye bolts, eye nuts, slings and rigging equipment conforms to Australia Standard (AS2741, AS4497.1, AS1418.2, DIN580 & DIN582).


    • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
    • Conform to DIN580
    • 1 x M12 Eye Bolt Grade WLL 340 kg
    • Material: C15 Carbon Steel
    • Dimensions: D-12mm, D1-30mm, D2-30mm, D3-12mm, H-53mm, H1-20mm & W-54mm
    • WLL(tonnes): 0.34 T (Working Load Limit)
    • Rigging applications: Video walls, moving heads, heavy lighting applications, display panels, signage & curtains
    • Event application: Stage production, Venues, Exhibitions, Clubs & Churches
    • Colour: Zinc
    • Weight: 0.2 kg