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2m Link Cable, 3.5mm Jack - 2 x 1-4" Jack

    This Titan AV 3.5mm mini jack to dual 1/4" Jack link cable is a popular lead and can be used in many applications. Mini 3.5mm jacks are also know as 1/8" jacks and are most commonly found in use with iPhones, smart phones, MP3 players, midi players etc. This cable is designed to take a stereo signal output into two channels on a mixing desk allowing for replication of a true stereo signal. Other common applications are to input a stereo audio signal into one of the stereo inputs on a mixing console, example being hooking an iPod, MP3 player or Midi player into a mixer.
    TAV cables use high end custom connectors, helical shielded cable & a tough PVC outer jacket to insure superior performance and reliability.     


    Limited life time warranty
    1 x 3.5mm Stereo to Dual 1/4" jacks (1/8" TRS to dual 1/4" Jacks)
    High quality custom connectors and cable
    Gold Plated contact points 
    Perfect for use with MP3 players, laptops, iPods, iPads and devices with 3.5mm headphone out to dual 1/4" inputs on mixers, stereo's and TV's
    Multi-banded oxygen-free copper conductor
    PE insulation which provides a low capacitance dielectric
    Conductive PVC helps to reinforce shielding
    Helical shield resists electromagnetic interference
    Free from micro-phonics
    Durable flexible matte black outer PVC jacket keeps the cable abrasion-resistant
    100% Screening
    Length: 2m (Total length including jacks)
    Colour: Black