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  • SKU: X-DC-8

2.1m Daisy Chain Power Cable, 9V, 8 in a Row

$2.71 $6.00
    This Titan AV 8 plug daisy chain DC power cable is great quality, allowing hook up of up to 8 pedals at once from one ac adapter. Featuring right angle plugs and 25cm spread between each connector, perfect for custom pedal board setups. Ideal for use with most pedal models by Boss, Marshall, Ibanez, Fulltone, MOEM, Behringer, Daphon, Danelectro, Guyatone, Rocktek, Morley, Aria, GLX etc.


    How many pedals can be used off a single AC Adapter? There are few things you need to know to work this out:
    1. What is the total current output in milliamps(mA) your AC adapter can handle? Example the ac adapters sold for MOEM will allow for a 500mA current draw.
    2. What is the total current draw in milliamps(mA) your pedals draw? Example the average pedal board will draw between 5-40mA. (8 x (mA rating of each pedal).
    3. Once you have combined the total current draw of the 5 pedals make sure the value doesn't exceed the max current output of your ac adapter, in the case of the MOEM ac adapter you will have more than enough power to run 8 pedals.   


    5 year warranty
    1 x 8 Plug daisy chain power cable
    Connector Pins - 2.1mm ID, 5.5mm OD
    Suitable for use with many brands of guitar effects pedals
    Length: 210cm
    Colour: Black