• SKU: AVI-COM-10

10m RGB Component Cable Gold Plated

$10.73 $25.00

    This high quality 10 Metre component RGB 3 RCA - 3 RCA cable is great for transmission of high quality analog video signal from one component compatible device to another. Our component video cable has 3 x hard gold plated RCA plugs on both sides (Y,Cb,Cr) and is ideal for connecting a LCD/Plasma Tv with a high-end DVD player or gaming console. RGB component cables provides one of the highest quality video signals of any analog cable, and is suitable for high definition image resolutions such as 480p, 480i, 720p, 1080i & 1080p (Full HD 1080 Progressive Scan).

    All our component video cables hold a standard Limited Lifetime Warranty.


    • Lifetime warranty
    • 1 x 10 metre component RGB 3 RCA - 3 RCA video cable
    • Gold plated
    • 99% OFC
    • Colour coded jacks red, green & blue
    • Perfect for use with Tv's, Hi-Fi's, stereo systems, home theatre
    • Video cable covered in a black flexible protective jacket
    • Designed for high quality analogue video signals
    • Double shielded for the optimal screening protection