100mm Push Mount Cable Tie, Natural, 100 pcs
100mm Push Mount Cable Tie, Natural, 100 pcs
  • SKU: CM-CTP-100W

100mm Push Mount Cable Tie, Natural, 100 pcs

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    Perfect for use in DIY at home jobs or commercial/professional level installations. Push mount cable ties are just brilliant leaving the self adhesive mounts back in the days when stickers were cool, push mount cable ties are simple to install all you have to do is drill the correct diameter and depth hole and push the mount in and start managing your cables. Perfect for cable management solutions in home theatre systems & computer networks. Professional or DIY computer, AV, home media and networking installations have never been easier to manage and conceal cabling.



    12 Month manufacturer's warranty
    100 x Push mount cable tie 100mm natural
    Supplied in bag for easy on site use
    Cable management, protection of cables & clean up
    Colour: Natural
    Material: Nylon 66, 94V-2
    Width: 2.5mm, length: 100mm
    Max bundle diameter: 25mm
    Tensile strength: 8 kg
    Hole diameter & panel thickness: Dia 4.5mm, Thick 2.4mm
    Material: Nylon 66, 94V-2
    ULAcid & corrode resistant 
    Suitable for all cable bundling solutions
    Wraps around cables
    Perfect for use with Tv's, Hi-Fi's, stereo systems, home theatre and computer networks, DIY and commercial installations that require cable management solutions