When it comes to holding heavy equipment overhead,
trusting your truss is an absolute must!


Why choose Titan AV+ lighting truss?

Strong by design.

Designed in Australia, Titan AV+ truss is built by master welders using quality aluminium (6082-T6) for the strongest trussing. But you don’t have to take our word for it…

Titan AV 290 Truss series
Load testing Titan AV 290 Box Truss at USQ's Centre for Future Materials

Safety tested in Australia.

At Titan AV+ we put our truss through some of the most rigorous tests imaginable, right here in Australia. So every time you rig equipment using Titan AV+ truss, you can rest assured it won’t let you down.

Factor rated protection.

For peace of mind, Titan AV+ truss has a 1.5 factor rating (safety buffer) calculated into load tables. So you can build Titan AV+ truss structures safe in the knowledge that it’s tried and tested.

Lighting truss load ratings data sheet

Versatile from the ground up.

Our proprietary base plates feature multiple mounts. These enable you to safely manoeuvre truss into the tightest of corners. This feature can make a huge difference in fitting your truss structure neatly into place.

Get creative.

With our extensive range of truss you’re able to let your imagination run wild with design applications. Go big or small, Titan AV+ trussing can adapt and move with your changing needs.

Titan AV 400 truss structure at the Caloundra Music Festival
Titan AV 290mm and 400mm Truss Shelf

Attach it.
Mount it.
Clamp it.

Make the most out of your structure with Titan AV+ truss accessories. Easily secure audio visual equipment and banners to your truss with our range of clamps, shelves, brackets, adapters & mounts.

Colour your truss.

Make a statement with powder coated truss. Adding a custom colour powder coat to Titan AV+ truss is an effective way to stand out, stay hidden or be creative. You can choose from a variety of colours to personalise your display.

Powder Coated Truss Colours
Titan AV 290mm and 400mm Truss Shelf

Trusted across Australia.

Titan AV+ truss supports some of the biggest events and companies in Australia. We work with local and international customers to provide expert advice and service for small productions, schools, universities, theatres, places of worship, all the way up to large scale multinational festivals.

 Put your trust in a truss by Titan AV+


Unsure where to begin? With plenty of options, ordering lighting truss can seem daunting at first. Yet it doesn’t take long to learn the basics. Checkout our ultimate buyers guide to lighting truss to help you get started! Or, speak with our team for friendly advice to find the right trussing for your needs.