Need a PA system with enough power to do some small outdoor shows for but still need it to be easily portable?

This package is perfect for production companies, DJs, live bands.

This FS Audio PA package is made up of two 12" passive wooden boxes, one 7500 Watt power amplifiers, a 2 channel 31 band EQ with a variable crossover subwoofer output, 2 speakon leads and 2 patch XLR leads to connect it all up.

Pairing up the 500 watt RMS 12” wooden FS Audio speakers with the SAE TX2400 amp that gives you 700 watt RMS at 8 ohm or 2500 watt at 8 ohms in bridged mode.

The Topp Pro Stereo 31 Band Equalizer With Feedback Detection & Subwoofer Channel allows you to not only tune your speakers but gives you a variable crossover point to send signal out to your subwoofer if you choose to expand your system later with a subwoofer.

This package is made up of;

2 x FS Audio Passive 12" 2 Way Speaker, 1500 Watt

1 x SAE TX2400 2 Channel Power Amplifier 7500 Watts

1 x Stereo 31 Band Equalizer With Feedback Detection & Subwoofer Channel

2 x 10m Speaker Lead, Speakon to Speakon, 12 AWG

2 x 1m XLR patch leads


SKU KIT-0089

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