Frontier X waterproof cases

Protect your gear from the elements.
Lightweight & 100% waterproof, Frontier X cases are powerful protection for your cameras, drones, gimbals, computers, GPS, military gear or any kind of sensitive equipment.

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What makes Frontier X special?

Waterproof casesImpact ResistantThermal InsulationPadlockable2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Designed to go wherever you go
100% waterproof, dustproof, and virtually indestructible cases. Lightweight & lockable, Frontier X cases are ready for travel with customisable foam padding to keep your gear cool in the summer & warm in winter.

Who uses Frontier X?



Designed with the active lifestyle in mind, videographers, photographers and outdoor enthusiasts are making the most of Frontier X’s weatherproof protective cases to explore further and capture more.

Portable & lightweight the medical community trust Frontier X cases to arrive on scene with their life saving equipment intact. 

Hunting & shooting enthusiasts choose Frontier X protective gun cases to secure & shield their equipment from moisture, dust and impacts.


Frontier X collection

Keep your gear safe & your pack light.

Frontier X 5001

5001 Frontier X

Volume 16.2L
Interior 388 x 268 x 156mm
Exterior 420 x 330 x 175mm
Weight 1.86kg
Lid depth 46mm
Base depth 110mm

Frontier X 5002

5002 Frontier X

Volume 14.5L
Interior 388 x 268 x 139mm 
Exterior 420 x 330 x 155mm
Weight 1.76kg
Lid depth 46mm
Base depth 90mm


Frontier X 5003

5003 Frontier X

Volume 21.4L
Interior 388 x 268 x 206mm 
Exterior 420 x 330 x 225mm
Weight 2kg
Lid depth 46mm
Base depth 160mm

Frontier X 6001A

6001A Frontier X

Volume 27.7L
Interior 520 x 288 x 185mm 
Exterior 580 x 345 x 190mm
Weight 2.65kg
Lid depth 50mm
Base depth 135mm

Frontier X 6002A

6002A Frontier X

Volume 35.3L
Interior 490 x 360 x 200mm 
Exterior 550 x 420 x 205mm
Weight 3kg
Lid depth 50mm
Base depth 150mm


Frontier X 7001

7001 Frontier X

Volume 19.5L
Interior 445 x 325 x 135mm
Exterior 475 x 380 x 140mm
Weight 2.12kg
Lid depth 45mm
Base depth 90mm

Frontier X 8002

8002 Frontier X

Volume 32.9L
Interior 430 x 340 x 225mm 
Exterior 465 x 400 x 240mm
Weight 2.62kg
Lid depth 45mm
Base depth 180mm

Frontier X 8003

8003 Frontier X

Volume 21.2L
Interior 430 x 340 x 145mm 
Exterior 465 x 400 x 160mm
Weight 2.2kg
Lid depth 45mm
Base depth 100mm


Wheeled cases

Gear too heavy to carry?
Try our Frontier X wheeled series popular as waterproof camera cases, keyboard cases & protective gun cases.

Frontier X 6004

6004 Frontier X

Volume 74.1L
Interior 650 x 400 x 285mm
Exterior 710 x 458 x 335mm
Weight 9.25kg
Lid depth 35mm
Base depth 250mm

Frontier X 4003

4003 Frontier X

Volume 90.7L
Interior 1120 x 450 x 180mm 
Exterior 1170 x 510 x 200mm
Weight 12.36kg
Lid depth 50mm
Base depth 130mm


Frontier X 4004

4004 Frontier X

Volume 53.4L
Interior 1080 x 320 x 145mm 
Exterior 1150 x 385 x 175mm
Weight 7.28kg
Lid depth 50mm
Base depth 95mm

Frontier X 6001

6001 Frontier X

Volume 29.9L
Interior 520 x 288 x 200mm
Exterior 580 x 345 x 230mm
Weight 4.78kg
Lid depth 50mm
Base depth 150mm

Frontier X foam organisation



Frontier X cases come supplied with cubed foam to easily customise the layout of your case. Want the flexibility to compartmentalise your gear tailored to changing needs? Add padded dividers to your waterproof case to give you the flexibility to change your mind and your gear.


Frontier X specifications

Frontier X Waterproof hard cases | Specifications