CNC cut premium foam inserts

Manufactured in Australia

Titan AV foam inserts are designed & cut by our team in Brisbane using CNC router machines, capable of precision cutting various materials like foam, aluminium and plywood. With CNC technology we can Create'N'Cut foam inserts to perfectly fit & protect your equipment for years to come.

Manufactured in Australia

What is foam protection for?

  • Camera
  • Microphones
  • Audio
  • POS
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Hard Drives
  • Guns

Your choice of premium foams

Titan AV EPE Foam

EPE Foam

Easy to cut, EPE foam (also known as pearl, kaizen or multi-layer foam) is a medium density foam. Commonly used for packaging, floor underlay, furniture edge protection and insulation.

Titan AV EVA Foam

EVA Foam

EVA is the hardest or firmest type of Titan AV foam. Commonly used for road cases, transport packaging, camping & yoga mats, boat fenders, pool toys, swimming aids and as archery targets.

Benefits of Titan AV Premium Foams


Dust Free



Impact Resistant

Immune to Mould

EVA Foam Inserts

Cut to precision for a super-satisfying perfect fit, Titan AV EVA Foam Inserts will organise and protect your microphones, antennas, belt packs, laptops and technical gear. Available with our Titan AV 19" rack drawers and waterproof hard cases.

EVA Foam Inserts for 19inch drawers

Cut-It-Yourself Foam Inserts

EPE foam inserts are a low-cost DIY storage solution. Because it’s easy to cut, EPE foam can be used to create a custom fit in your chosen case or 19" rack drawers for your audio gear, camera, tools, Ipads/tablet and hobby gear.

Give your gear the home they deserve!

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There’s a Titan AV case for that!

  • Road Cases
  • Utility Cases
  • 19" Rack Cases
  • Workstations
  • Packer Cases
  • Waterproof Hard Cases
  • Briefcases

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Create'N'Cut Foam

Looking for a custom CNC cut foam solution? We can Create'N'Cut foam shapes up to 1 x 1 metre. Enquire today!