TAV cables are a sound investment whether it be in pro audio, band, AV, media, communications or power applications you can rest assured the cables will offer the highest quality and reliability available in the market. This Titan AV 3-pin to 5-pin conversion adapter cable is designed to convert a 3-pin DMX device out or cable into a 5-pin configuration for use with 5-pin DMX. Supplied fitted with a 3-pin male XLR cannon to 5-pin female XLR cannon. Our TAV cables use high end custom connectors, helical shielded cable & a tough PVC outer jacket to insure superior performance and reliability. 
5-Pin XLR(Pin-1), 3-Pin XLR(Pin-1): Signal ground
5-Pin XLR(Pin-2), 3-Pin XLR(Pin-2): DMX Data –
5-Pin XLR(Pin-3), 3-Pin XLR(Pin-3): DMX Data +
5-Pin XLR(Pin-4), 3-Pin XLR(N/A): Auxiliary Data –
5-Pin XLR(Pin-5), 3-Pin XLR(N/A): Auxiliary Data +
Limited life time warranty
1 x 3-pin XLR(M) to 5-pin XLR(F) adapter DMX cable
Clear heat shrink fitted for easy labelling
DMX matching impedance: 110 Ohm
High quality custom connectors and cable
Gold Plated contact points
6.5mm thick microphone cable
Perfect for use with DMX ready lighting, fog machines, hazers and controllers
Multi-banded oxygen-free copper conductor
PE insulation which provides a low capacitance dielectric
Conductive PVC helps to reinforce shielding
Helical shield resists electromagnetic interference
Free from micro-phonics
Durable flexible matte black outer PVC jacket keeps the cable abrasion-resistant
100% Screening
Length: 34cm (Total length including cannons)
Colour: Black


Brand Titan AV
Shipping Weight 0.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.300m
Shipping Height 0.030m
Shipping Length 0.150m