Build Your Own Road Case

Date Posted:18 December 2018 

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Looking to upgrade your existing road case or perhaps build one from scratch? VFM Audio has an extensive range of road case hardware to help you create just about any type of custom road case or mobile workstation. Suitable for a wide range of uses, road cases protect your equipment while on the road and are popular with lighting designers, sound engineers, rigging crew, and model makers. 

Road Case Accessories


Titan AV Road Case Accessories

Whether you're building a road case from scratch or looking to upgrade your existing case, our variety of Titan AV road case accessories has got you covered. 


Plywood, Rivets & Washers

If you're building a road case from scratch these essential items are a great place to start:

Plywood with Hexa Pattern. Rivets and Washers set.


Aluminium Extrusions

Titan AV aluminium extrusions are ideal for custom road case builds and repairs, general framing and finishing on trunks, work benches etc...

Check out our Aluminium Extrusion Range >>


Protective Corners

Our heavy-duty road case protective corners provide a great look and bring added protection to your road case.

Check out our Protective Corners range >>


Brace Plates

A key component on road cases, brace plates have been used to protect and strengthen case edging for years. Our Titan AV ridged brace plates are manufactured from hardened steel and finished off in bright chrome.

Check out our Brace Plate Range >>



Butterfly catches/latches are a necessary component to complete a road case, ensuring the case lid stays in place during transit and storage. Titan AV latches are manufactured from hardened steel with a chrome finish.

Butterfly catches / latches for road cases



VFM stock road case wheels in 2", 3", 3.5" and 4". You can also purchase a castor plate trolley with 3.5" heavy duty castors (2 of which have brakes) for your road case.

wheels/castors for road cases



Our Titan AV spring loaded handles have a rubber sleeve over the steel handle making it ergonomic and strong. Ideal for speakers boxes, road cases and any other application that requires a versatile handle.

Spring Loaded Handles for Road Cases


Lid Stay Hinges

Lid stay hinges are a key component on road cases allowing hinged lids to stay open and in place, they also protect and strengthen hinges on trunk cases.

lid-stay hinges for road cases


Foam Lining

VFM stocks a variety of road case foam lining sheets:

  • EPE foam,
  • EVA foam,
  • Convoluted foam, and
  • Flat foam sheets.

Each foam sheet comes in varying thickness and firmness. Compare our range of road case foam lining sheets in this quick video comparison:


Constructing Your Road Case

Take a look at this step-by-step guide to constructing a sturdy & durable custom road case to protect your gear.

Instructable > How to construct a custom road case