Mega Microphone Sale!!

by Brad on July 22, 2020

Some of the most popular videos on the internet right now are addressing an issue most of us are experiencing.  Bad audio and how to improve your sound quality for online meetings.  

One of the most common solutions is having a better quality microphone.  Rather than using your built in microphone on your iphone, laptop or smart devices you can add an audio interface which will allow you to use an external microphone with your device.  Some great companies for audio interfaces are Focusrite, Presonus, IK Multimedia, Behringer.  Once you have an audio interface you’ll need a mic to pair with it.  Our TakStar Pro Condenser microphone is what most people would refer to as a ‘studio mic’  Offering super clean sound, you can fool people to believe you’re a professional voice over actor.



Another thing we’re starting to experience are public speakers and online presentations to whole companies or a mass of people.  When delivering your message online through video platforms such as Zoom, we want to make sure we’re heard and sound doesn’t become an intrusion rather than a pleasant experience to sit back and listen and take in what you’re trying to get across.

Using a TAV Pro Wireless Microphone Headset/Lapel Dual 16 channel microphone gives you the freedom to move around your space or to show your presentation anywhere in the room without being tied down to your computer or smartphone/tablet.



If lapel or headset mics are too ‘Brittney Spears’ for you, maybe a TAV Wireless Microphone Handheld Single 8 channel is more in your comfort zone.  The advantage of having a handheld mic is that when you’re not using it for video presentations you can hook it up to your karaoke system and bash out some bangers!



Here at VFM Group we’re having a clearance sale on all of our microphones, from handheld wired mics, studio condenser mics and wireless handheld and headset mics. 



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