What can you cut with a CNC machine? Plenty!

by Shannon on December 14, 2021

This year we’ve been busy CNC machining all sorts of weird and wonderful things from foam, aluminium and plywood. Here’s a selection of our custom CNC creations…

Wine Packaging

EVA + CNC = custom gift box for wine bottle and two wine glasses.

Looking to create a corporate gift box? We can cut foam inserts to perfectly fit any object for safe packaging.

custom gift box for wine


Gin Packaging

EVA + CNC = custom gift / ammunition box for gin lovers.

This isn't your usual corporate gift box. EVA foam cut to fit a bottle of gin and 2 glasses inside an old ammo box.

Unusual corporate gift box for gin inside an army case


Aircraft Storage

EVA Foam + CNC machine = custom aircraft protection.

When COVID-19 hit our shores many aircrafts were grounded for extended periods. VFM Group was enlisted to CNC machine cut EVA foam pieces for one such aircraft. This foam was used to block every opening on the aircraft’s exterior to carefully seal & protect it from birds and insects while grounded.

Aircraft Storage EVA Foam Protection from birds and insects


Lighting Road Case

Road Case + Plywood + Foam + CNC = custom road case for 2 x ACME lights.

What do you think of this custom designed case for 2 x ACME Energy Spot Pro lights? Ingredients include: Titan AV Dual 12" Speaker Cabinet Road Case, 12mm Titan AV Plywood with Black Hexa Pattern & 40mm EVA High Density Closed Cell Foam.

Hard Case & 19" rack drawer foam inserts

Made from high density closed cell EVA these custom foam inserts offer excellent durability, shock absorption & can be exposed to water without absorbing it making it particularly useful to prevent moisture & mold build up. Plus, they look great!

Custom 19" rack drawer foam insert

This custom foam insert for a 19" rack drawer used EVA to replace the existing PU foam insert. This EVA foam insert neatly houses microphones, belt packs, and cables inside a road case rack drawer. 

Custom Foam Insert for Road Case

Custom Allen & Heath ME-1 foam insert

Custom EVA foam insert to neatly house seven Allen and Health ME-1 personal mixing systems inside a waterproof case for easy and safe transportation.

Custom foam insert for Allen and Heath ME-1

Custom foam insert for broadcast equipment 

Custom EVA foam insert to neatly house rental equipment inside a waterproof hard case for Gameday Hire broadcasting and streaming service provider.

Custom Case for GameDay Hire Broadcasting Equipment

Custom Lumen Radio foam insert 

Custom EVA foam insert to neatly house Lumen radio transmitter, receiver and accessories inside a waterproof hard case.

Foam Insert for Lumen Radio Case


Custom microphone foam insert

Custom EVA foam insert to neatly house twelve microphones inside a Titan AV waterproof hard case for easy and safe transportation.

Custom foam insert for microphones case


Aluminium Base Plates

CNC + aluminium + powder coating = Australian made base plates.

This year we created a new range of aluminium truss base plates and top plates designed to make your life a lot easier. How’s that!? It all comes down to weight, Titan AV ally plates are a third of the weight of their steel counterparts. 

Australian Made Base Plates


Designed & manufactured by our team in Brisbane using CNC router machines capable of precision cutting. Titan AV ally plates are cut from 8mm 5005-H34 aluminium sheets (6mm in the 200 range) and covered in a hardwearing matt black powder coat.

Custom CNC Services

Looking for a custom CNC cut foam, aluminium or plywood solution? With CNC technology, VFM Group can cut materials to sizes and shapes that perfectly fit your needs!



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