How to Make Custom Foam Inserts with EVA and a Trim Router!

by Shannon on June 23, 2021

There's nothing sweeter for gear lovers than a custom made insert to neatly house your tools, cameras, laptops and AV gear. Today we’ll show you just how easy it is to make your own custom insert using EVA foam!

To begin you’ll need:

  1. EVA foam 
  2. Felt tip pen
  3. Trim router ($99 at Bunnings)
  4. The equipment you want to fit.

For this demonstration we’re using Titan AV 30mm EVA shadow foam. We also used double sided tape to secure the foam onto the surface so it didn't move around while using the router however this step isn't essential.



Layout & Trace

Play around with the layout to see what works best for your gear. Remember to leave enough space between objects + it’s important to check that the foam is deeper than your object to ensure it’s fully protected, if it isn’t you may need to rotate your object to fit. 

Once you’re happy with your layout... Grab a sharpie or felt tip pen & trace around your gear.

How to Custom Cut Foam: Layout Your Equipment

Pro Tip: You can pick up an extra long tip marker for precision tracing.

Empire Long Tip Marker

Carve Out Foam

Next you're going to need a trim router, it's a small handheld electric tool for routing or cutting into foam, plastics and wood. We use the Ryobi Trim Router 400W ($99 at Bunnings) to effortlessly cut into EVA foam.

Carving out EVA foam using a stanley knife can prove extremely hard to do though straight lines are possible with a steel ruler and a sharp knife! We suggest using a trim router with a straight twin blade bit to create custom storage for your tools, audio gear, cameras etc...

Before turning on your trim router, first measure the depth of your blade bit against your gear to ensure the perfect depth of cut.Use the Trim Router to carve out unwanted foam

Hold your trim router at a 90 degree angle for a clean cut. Carefully carve within your lines - remember, it’s easier to cut more foam out than add back in.

Cut out unwanted foam using the Trim Router

Test the fit

If anything doesn’t quite fit use your trim router to remove extra foam as required. 

If you have a deeper piece of equipment you may need to cut another layer of EVA foam for complete protection. If this is the case, simply lay your top layer of cut foam onto your second foam sheet and trace around the deepest part of your gear. Then remove foam as desired using your trim router, this may take a few goes to get the exact fit you're after. 

Cut finger grips for your custom foam insert

Additionally, if you’d like to create finger grips for easier access, simply place a 20 cent piece where you’d like to grab your gear & trace around it.

And there you have it, your very own custom foam insert made with Titan AV EVA shadow foam. You can pickup one of our CNC pre-cut EVA foam inserts to suit Titan AV 2RU 19" rack drawers - available in blue, red and yellow shadow colours - and create your own custom foam insert. 


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