Lighting Truss Case Study: XGolf Custom Truss Design

by Shannon on November 25, 2019

In early 2019 VFM Group and XGolf collaborated to create a custom designed truss system for their new Brisbane venue.  

XGolf is a state of the art indoor golf simulation with 12 venues across Australia. XGolf Enoggera were looking for an elegant solution to hang projectors and mounts inside their new industrial premises with 8m tall ceilings. Existing XGolf locations didn't have the extra high ceiling height to contend with so a custom design solution was required.

Interior shot of golfer at XGolf Enoggera with Titan AV custom truss solution visible in the background

XGolf Brisbane Manager Matt had this to say about why they chose to use truss:

“Our AV guy Paul (Project AV) actually put us onto the truss system. Because we've got the high ceilings, usually the projectors and the sensors are all hung from the ceiling and rather than spanning 4-5 metres it just made sense to hang it from truss. Then we have a fully self contained system, and basically we can mount anything we want from there whenever we want. We can change stuff, we can add stuff, we can take it away and it just looks pretty.”

VFM Group were tasked to design the custom Titan AV 290 box truss system for XGolf Enoggera's 5 golf simulation stations requiring multiple mounts for TV's, lights, speakers, projectors and sensors.

Rick Eckert (Managing Director, VFM Group) had this to say about the custom design for XGolf's truss system:

“With the truss design we came up with, we have one side of the truss mounted to the wall & the bottom side of it mounted to the ground. 100+ metres of trussing was used to build these with multiple crossbars and uprights to basically divide your bays and also give you multiple mounting positions for sensors and projectors.

VFM Group design sketch for XGolf custom truss system. Side view of truss system.


VFM Group design sketch for XGolf custom truss system. Front view of truss system.

Once the frame had been built up and fitted we then went down there to go over the different mounting options, adapter plates and clamps we had, and within an hour we had it worked out and everything was ready to go.”


Titan AV truss installation at XGolf Enoggera

Titan AV Heavy Duty Projector Drop Down Bar & Mount installed onto 290 box truss systemAerial view of interior design featuring Titan AV custom truss system at XGolf Brisbane

The guys at XGolf opted for black powder coated truss to blend the truss installation into the space. Truss powder coating is applied as a free-flowing dry powder, then cured under heat. It provides a stronger finish and is more resistant than paint. You can choose a variety of matte and gloss powder coat colours to personalise your display. If you're interested in powder coated truss contact our team.

So how does the team at XGolf Brisbane feel about the end result?

“We’re so happy with the way everything turned out. Everyone comments on how great it looks. We feel like we're the best venue so far out of the 12 venues and the most functional too which is great!”


Looking to invest in a large-scale truss structure? We can assist you in designing & supplying the perfect truss structure for your needs. Contact our team for a quote.


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