Our Returns Rate, yep it's here for you to see.

We’re pretty proud of our returns. You heard that right! Basically because not many of our products make their way back. It’s one of the core values that makes our customers VFM Happy. We’re not saying that we don’t get returns, every business does, but ours is super low and the majority of our returns are “change of mind” as opposed to faulty products which is a big deal for us. If you do happen to change your mind, we also have a 30 day money back guarantee. Simply return the product to us in it’s original condition and packaging and we’ll give you a full product refund minus the shipping costs.




The proof is in the warranty…
or why we increased it for Road Cases.

After analysing the data, we realised that our warranty period on our  much loved  road cases was just too low given our  miniscule  return rate. So we doubled it! So we applied a  2 year  warranty for every Titan AV road case purchased from 2018 onwards! Our Titan AV Road cases are a great example of what VFM stands for as a business and the service that we are proud to provide.


We Like Feedback, the good, the bad or the ugly.

We take customer feedback seriously. Whether  its  good or bad or downright ugly, we take it all into account when looking at how we can improve the overall customer experience. We like to think that the lessons we learn from 1 piece of unsatisfactory feedback can create 10 more VFM Happy customers. After all, we want to provide a service that will keep customers coming back time and time again. 


Why our products are cheaper.

VFM Audio products are cheaper for the same reason mentioned above. Over the last 15  years we have designed & manufactured our own Titan AV branded  products  which  means that we can cut out the  middle man  and sell directly to the public. The pricing on the branded items that we don’t manufacture  are  a result of good old fashion competitive pricing. The VFM name stands for “Value For Money” which has always been at the heart of our mission as a business. 


We despatch your orders quickly!

If your order is placed and your payment received by  1pm  on any business day, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays ) ,  we’ll ship your order that very same day. Some larger items may be exempt from same day despatch if sent via specialised courier services. Please contact us if you order is oversized and urgent and we will do our best to expedite your order. For more information on shipping visit XXXXXXXXXXX or ask one of our friendly staff.


We Stand out. We Do Things Differently.

Take away the whole spiel about, “you wont find a cheaper price anywhere else”….everyone does that. We don’t just sell gear, we make it too. We listen, develop and manufacture.

Our Titan AV branded gear is responsible for a large portion of Road Cases, Trussing, Cables, Stands Server Cabinets, Server Accessories and TV Brackets in different industries all over Australia. We look after some prominent Australian orchestra, ballet and touring companies as well as countless small to large hire & production companies. Something we are proud of given the amount of punishment those items receive in their lifetime. The Titan AV trussing has also been independently lab tested and ISO certified right here in Australia by Australian technicians.
Just a few little things that show we're committed to providing quality products to our customers.


We don’t do cheap and nasty.

What we do well, is Value For Money. A quality product at a fair price.
Here at  VFM  we’re out to break that stigma every day. We scrutinise our products constantly to ensure that we exceed our own standards as well as yours. Our Titan AV cables have woven cable socks added to prevent cable stretch. Our Road cases have washers on the front and back of every rivet and our Trussing has been designed to integrate with other major brands so you can change to Titan AV and start saving.
It’s the little things that make a big difference.