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Author: Brad   Date Posted:5 February 2020 

Titan AV FoamLooking to soundproof a room, protect your gear from impact or perhaps do some target practise.

Titan AV offer a variety of highly versatile foam, but which foam is fit for your purpose?

Today we breakdown the 5 different types of Titan AV foam:

  1. EVA
  2. EPE
  3. PU
  4. Pick n Pluck
  5. Acoustic & Studio





EVA Foam

Firm. Water Resistant. Buoyant. Closed Cell.

EVA is the hardest or firmest type of Titan AV foam.  Capable of high impact and extremely durable, EVA is commonly used for road cases, transport packaging, boat fenders, yoga mats, camping mats and used as targets in sports like archery.  

Being a closed cell foam has its advantages, water resistance and good buoyancy makes EVA foam perfect for marine activities like boat seating, pool toys, swimming aids.  

Closed cell foam has airtight cells so air doesn't get inside the structure. Generally closed cell foam is harder or firmer while open cell foam is softer or less firm.

Titan AV EVA foam is also flexible, our thinner 5mm pieces of EVA are perfect for shaping when designing cosplay costumes, movie/stage props and craft activities.  You can make anything from a sword and shield to some puzzle piece mats for the kids.

Being lightweight yet having those high impact properties makes EVA perfect for road cases and packaging during travel.  Use the foam sheets to place in between your computer monitors or TV screens while in transit, perfect for karaoke hosts and those doing corporate presentations on the road.

Having good insulation characteristics against heat and cold and being impervious to mildew, mould, rot and bacteria EVA foam is perfect for use in a food van or food markets for keeping a more even temperature around your produce.

EVA is a non toxic material and a suitable substitute for natural rubber, vinyl, neoprene, polyurethane and PVC foams, wood composites, felts, fiberglass, and mineral wool.

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EPE has a lot of similar qualities but let's talk about it anyway!


EPE Foam

Semi-Rigid. Flexible/Springy. Closed Cell.

Lightweight, semi-rigid and flexible EPE foam (also known as pearl foam or kaizen foam).  Similar to EVA, EPE is commonly used in packaging, used for impact and shock absorption, vibration dampening, and surface protection.

EPE is a medium density foam, some would call it “springy”.  It’s easy to cut and therefore perfect for cutting spaces to create a custom fit for your tools, audio gear, cameras, ipads/tablets and hobby gear.  EPE works great when CNC routing shapes to make sure all of your gear has that perfect fit.

Because of its great strength to weight ratio, Titan AV EPE foam is perfect for general foam packaging, floor underlay, furniture edge protection, spa covers, road case/ camera case customizing.

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PU Foam

Soft. Lightweight. Open Cell.

Soft and lightweight, PU foam is an open cell flat foam.  Open cell foam is less dense than other foam and more ‘squishy’, picture a kitchen sponge, it's like that!  

Most commonly used in a road case as a base layer or lid liner for impact and shock absorption and surface protection.  Easily cut to size making it ideal for customising your camera cases, drone cases and or any case requiring a custom foam insert. 

PU foam also has some acoustic properties and will minimise reverberation and echo slightly.  Perfect for when you want a tighter sound but don’t want to completely get rid of that natural reverb in your home studio or band rehearsal room.

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Pick n Pluck Foam

Soft. Lightweight. Easily Customisable. Open Cell.

Pick n Pluck foam is essentially an open cell PU foam that has precut 1.5cm x 1.5cm cubes to allow you to pluck out those cubes and make custom spaces for your gear.  

We have pick n pluck foam in sizes to fit our Titan AV hard cases, steel rack mountable drawers and single sheet for full customization.  

Perfect for photographers/videographers and their camera gear, sound/audio engineers to store microphones, mixers and tools.  Any type of fragile items will benefit from having a perfectly sized space to be stored in because it's less likely to get bumped around in transit.

Checkout our range of lightweight & 100% waterproof Titan AV hard cases featuring pick'n'pluck foam padding to customise your case to suit your gear whether it's cameras, drones, gimbals, computers, GPS, military gear or any kind of sensitive equipment.

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Acoustic & Studio Foam

Soft. Lightweight. Open Cell.

Acoustic foam is an open cell PU type foam, however it is a bit more dense than your standard PU foam.  Designed specifically for absorbing sound waves making it perfect for home studios, audio booths, vocal recording, TV and radio and server/gear rooms.

Coming in a variation of patterns like wedge, pyramid, flat and tile you’ll find the perfect look for your studio.  We have panels in sizes of 50x50x5cm with a section of different size bass traps for those low end frequencies in the corners of your rooms.  

Why choose Titan AV acoustic foam?

To demonstrate the quality of Titan AV acoustic foam we decided to put it to the test against another brand and compare the foam appearance, thickness, durability, strength and density.

For more information about Titan AV acoustic foam head over to our blog, Talking Titan AV or to checkout the entire range of Titan AV foam head over to the VFM store.


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