New to VFM? - All the info you need about VFM Group in 115 secs.

If you have only recently found us, come up to speed with who we are and what we do with this video. It is a super quick look at what we are all about and how we would like to benefit the customers we serve. If you know someone that could use some of our gear, spread the word! 

VFM is now one of the leading retailers for pro audio and networking gear in Brisbane and is fast becoming a go-to business for those in the music industry and networking industry Australia wide. From our beginnings, as an importer and wholesaler, we've stayed true to our core beliefs of VFM, Value For Money. Today we have realised this even further by removing the middleman and serving our consumers across Australia directly. Direct selling has allowed us to expand our brand, Titan AV across numerous industries and customise our offerings in direct consultation with our consumer's needs and wants.

Since our establishment in 2001, we have grown from mainly servicing the professional audio industry to encompassing multiple sectors including; public address, staging and trussing, AV equipment, road cases, cabling, and IT and communication equipment.


What we offer

Whether you are consumer, trade customer, school or government department, we work closely with you to find the right solution for your application. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a stress-free service, with great quality products for a fair price.


How we do it

VFM Group strives to offer the same great quality products that our big brand competitors do, but for a better price. We do this by working closely with industry professionals and manufacturers, designing and producing products with our customers in mind.


Service and professional knowledge

At VFM Group our experienced and knowledgeable staff pride themselves on being able to assist with the selection of the right product, for the right application. We are committed to providing a professional service that is quality assured, fast and efficient.


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